Taxi Cab Safety Fears

Enforcement officials in Bradford checked 26 minicabs and suspended 10 of the vehicles for failing safety checks. The problems included bald tyres and lighting faults.

The checks were roadside checks so a thorough inspection under the taxis was not carried out which would have revealed even more dangerous issues.

Minicabs are required to adhere to strict safety and mechanical standards, which many firm conform to such as Wandsworth Cabs: 

However not all cabs are maintained to the required standards and often fall short putting both passengers and other road users at risk.


Cabs Taken Off Leeds Streets

An recent sting operation carried out in Leeds by the Police to catch illegal cab drivers was launched this week after concerns about uninsured drivers as well as faulty vehicles was dealt with.

In the operation eleven taxis were seized and four were clamped. In both cases the vehicles were ordered to be repaired and MOT’s passed before the cars would be allowed to operate again.

The drivers were also fined for a number of offenses including having no insurance. The operation was welcomed by member of the local community who voiced their concerns on the forces Facebook page. People said they welcomed the action as they were worried about uninsured drivers causing accidents.

However, the number of cabs interdicted is a small fraction of the number of
taxis operating within the area, the vast majority of which operate within the law.

Cabs May Be Required To Accept Card Payment

London’s cab drivers may be required by TFL to accept payments by passengers with debit card in a proposal expected to come in to force by 2016.

Currently only a small number of cabbies take card payments but if the new proposal comes in to force, then all cab drivers will be required to accept the proposed changes.

London cabs

In contrast all mini cab companies accept credit and debit card payments from passengers. However payment by card is usually taken before the journey is booked and unlike black cabs, minicabs are not allowed to pick up passenger’s without being booked in advance for the journey. The proposed plan has received a positive response from passengers.

Design revealed for new London tubes

Transport For London had revealed the designs of the proposed replacements for the aging London Underground tubes. The new trains will be installed on the Piccadilly, Central, Waterloo & City and Bakerloo lines.

250 trains are planned to be built, however controversially the trains will have the capability to be operated remotely, threatening train driver jobs.

The new trains will be a welcome development to London’s overloaded transport network which is beginning to show signs of weakness in response to London’s ever increasing population. This has let to many people using minicabs to move around such as

New Underground trains

According to the BBC website the trains are estimated to cost £2.5 billion. Although the trains may possibly threaten jobs on the London Underground, new trains are needed to replace the aging trains currently operating on the underground.

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